Innovation, product safety, high-efficiency, performance and excellent results are standards at Etezazi Industries and our core values can be summarized in one word:  Quality.

Without quality, there can be no customer satisfaction.  Quality, to our customers and to the entire aerospace community, is one of our highest commitments.

Etezazi Industries is constantly engaged in learning the latest in processes to ensure that no matter what new technology, additions to the facilities or the team, quality results are integral to moving forward.  At Etezazi Industries, every team member is a Quality Inspector and all team members are held accountable by the Quality Assurance team.


Strive to maintain customer satisfaction by providing customers with products that meets or exceeds their requirements on time.  We will continually improve product’s quality by streamlining processes, extending employee’s knowledge and enhancing partner’s skills.


  1. To Increase customers’ and all other relevant interested parties’ satisfaction.
  2. To deliver high quality parts (zero defects) on time.
  3. To have a Safe work environment.
  4. To have a green friendly and more streamlined work processes.
  5. To implement Process Improvement procedure toward ensuring the highest degree of precision quality in every job.
  6. Effective use of resources (e.g. facilities, personnel) by emphasizing reduction of part-to-part variation and the elimination of all waste
  7. To recruit qualified and knowledgeable employees and train them to reflect all work process standards.
  8. To conduct operations in conformance with all applicable governmental laws and customers ‘regulations of the jurisdictions in which we do business
  9. To keep increasing trend of sales to improve our market share
  10. Risk assessment and mitigation.

To achieve our mission and goals we decided to implement AS9100 Rev D as a powerful guide. In this regard, Quality policy and objectives should be communicated to our employees, customers and external providers with an assignment of responsibility and accountability.

Industry Certifications:

  • AS9100 and ISO 9001
  • Boeing DPD-MBD Certified
  • ITAR